Friday, May 14, 2010


Today started off as any normal Friday would.  Got to work, had some appointments and worked on some paperwork.  I heard some of my co-workers talking and then they asked "did you hear"?  Well, I hadn't heard so I went across the hall and then the news a mother never wants to hear, someones baby died.  Another women in the office was 6 months pregnant and went to the doctor because she hadn't felt her baby moving and just wanted to be sure.  Her just wanting to be sure turned into the most horrible new of her life, there was no heartbeat.  On Saturday May 8th she was induced and gave birth to her baby girl that she will never be able to watch grow.  She was keeping a blog about being pregnant and advice to her unborn baby girl.  I went on and read about the day she found out and the day she delivered.  I sat in my office crying, and then I started to be thankful.  Thankful that I have a healthy boy who is about to turn 1.  Thankful that I didn't have to go through the pain and heartbreak that she was enduring.  I thought about how Logan can make me so mad because he won't stay in one place when I am trying to put his diaper on.  Now I am thankful that I am to wrestle with him to get that diaper on, because he is here and I can hold him in my arms and kiss him goodnight.  Today I am thankful for all the moments where he makes me crazy when he isn't doing what he is supposed to and the times when he wants to snuggle and let me give him kisses.  I am thankful that I get to hear him call me mama on a daily basis.  I love you Logan, more than you know and am thankful you have blessed my life. 

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  1. Ohhhh.....I feel for her. It IS heartbreaking. We had that happen at 38weeks back in 2004. I think about that baby ALL THE TIME. Especially this time of year, since we're approaching the anniversary. :(