Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July and the weekend

On Saturday we went over to the Korpi household to have some fun in the sun and bbq for our 4th.  The weather was beautiful...ok it was really hot and muggy, but thank goodness there was a huge breeze!  Hannah and Olivia had their pool out and ready and also even brought out the sprinkler for some extra fun.  It was the first time that we had Logan in some water besides the bathtub!  I thought that he would like sitting in the pool, but he didn't!  He did like to stand on the outside though and splash around!
Here are some of Logan just hanging out and getting hit by the sprinkler!

Here he is posing for a picture with Hannah and Olivia.

And sitting with dad, just hanging out in the sun.

Logan also has a huge love now to sit on the couches at home like a "big boy".  He will cry and whine until you pick him up and set him on the couches with you.  Then he often plays this game of rolling his trucks off the couch and wanting you to pick them up so he can do it over and over again!  On Monday though he was hanging on the couch with dad, eating one of his toys (he is getting some more teeth) and he was being a total ham for the camera.  The kid know when it's time to get his picture taken and when you tell him to smile he totally does!  Just take a look here at a few!

The kid totally cracks us up!  We hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

1st Birthday...where did the year go?

May 30th was Logan's 1st birthday. I can't believe that it has been a year already! We decided to have Logan's birthday up in Duluth at my parents house so that we could make sure the great-grandparents could attend this big birthday. Everything about the day was perfect! the weather was beautiful and we were able to be surrounded by family. I didn't have much time to take pictures (so whoever has some please make copies for me!!!!) But here his Logan with his cousin's taking a picture with his cake.

Here is Logan eating some of his cake.  He did better then we had thought given how he hates to take food and put it in his mouth! 

And then he had enough, and Auntie Elisha was too the rescue! I hope your shirt came clean!!!

Thanks everyone for making this first birthday so special!  We will truly treasure it forever!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Secret Spot

Logan often plays in his room by himself and you can hear him talking to himself or to his stuffed animals. One day he was in his room and it was quiet...for a little too long. Well this is where we found him.

Logan LOVES to play in his new secret spot behind on the rocker.  He goes into his toy box and is able to find all sorts of treaures that he forgot that he had.  He can be back there for hours...he's not...but he could!  Here is a few more....

The kid cracks me up everyday.  The things that he finds to do or get into is just amazing.  I can't believe he's going to be 1.  I am not even sure where the last year went!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Today started off as any normal Friday would.  Got to work, had some appointments and worked on some paperwork.  I heard some of my co-workers talking and then they asked "did you hear"?  Well, I hadn't heard so I went across the hall and then the news a mother never wants to hear, someones baby died.  Another women in the office was 6 months pregnant and went to the doctor because she hadn't felt her baby moving and just wanted to be sure.  Her just wanting to be sure turned into the most horrible new of her life, there was no heartbeat.  On Saturday May 8th she was induced and gave birth to her baby girl that she will never be able to watch grow.  She was keeping a blog about being pregnant and advice to her unborn baby girl.  I went on and read about the day she found out and the day she delivered.  I sat in my office crying, and then I started to be thankful.  Thankful that I have a healthy boy who is about to turn 1.  Thankful that I didn't have to go through the pain and heartbreak that she was enduring.  I thought about how Logan can make me so mad because he won't stay in one place when I am trying to put his diaper on.  Now I am thankful that I am to wrestle with him to get that diaper on, because he is here and I can hold him in my arms and kiss him goodnight.  Today I am thankful for all the moments where he makes me crazy when he isn't doing what he is supposed to and the times when he wants to snuggle and let me give him kisses.  I am thankful that I get to hear him call me mama on a daily basis.  I love you Logan, more than you know and am thankful you have blessed my life. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Early present

We are fast approaching Logan's first birthday!  The lucky boy already got his birthday present from one of his grandparents and can I tell you he LOVES it!  Aaron loves biking so we thought we would get a trailer to carry Logan.  (thanks grandma and grandpa!)  We FINALLY had some nice weather again on Sunday so after a walk in the park we put together the trailer. Aaron decided to give Logan and the trailer a little test drive.  We hoped it would go well and he would love it and not scream the whole time. So here he is in trailer
Here he is cruising around the driveway

Can you see the look on his face?  Think he likes it?
We brought him in and he cried and cried so Aaron took him out for a longer ride! LOL  Then today Aaron took Logan to the bike shop to get his a bike helmet, just to be on the safe side!  He actually did fine with it and they gave the trailer a ride again today for it's first real trip!  Here is Logan showing me his new hat when I got home!

I think that we are going to get a lot of use of the trailer!  Thanks again grandma and grandpa!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A New Car and other weekend activites!

SO, we had a really big and busy weekend!  As most of you know we REALLY needed a family car!  My car is so small that I refuse to bring Logan in it until he can face forward, and I don't like to drive Aaron's car and who knows how long it will last.  So we have been looking and saving and went to look at a few over the weekend that I had done some research on.  Well, while we didn't get any that we went to look at we found another one!  It was older then we were orginally looking for, but it was SO well taken care of.  The guy had every maintance done at the dealership and there was a record of it, along with the fact that he drove less then the average on a yearly basis.  He kept this vehicle so clean it looked like no one ever sat in the back!  It also has more bells and whistles then Aaron and I have ever had!  We had to take out the manual today to figure most of it out!  After the anxiety of spending the money wore off, all I can now say is I am in LOVE with our new car!!!! We can't wait to put it to the test with loading it up and taking a trip to Duluth!  Here are some pictures of the new wheels!
I think that we are going to be able to fit lots of stuff into the back of the Trailblazer!

I love the leather and already fear what Logan will do to the back seats!
Rear controls for heat/air and music!

Here is Logan checking out his new digs!  We aren't getting rid of any of the other cars, but when we take Logan somewhere we will take the new car..hence why we call it Logan's car! 

It was beautiful out today and since we didn't get much family time on Saturday because of the car shopping we decided to make a little lunch and have a picnic down by the lake!  Aaron brought his fishing stuff and caught at bull head, but lost it while bringing it in.  We played on playground also and Logan relaxed on a walk!  We had a wonderful day!  Here are a few pictures of Aaron and Logan by the lake.

Lastly, Logan can be a complete MONSTER when you are trying to get a diaper on him or jammies!  So here is a picture of him half dressed running around.  This is pretty common on a nightly basis.  Here he is running away from me!
and here trying to hide by dad.

He's coming back..only because I have dangled juice at him!

And this one because he's stinking cute!  And yes, I know his hair is long and no I am not cutting it! LOL

We hope that everyone had a their own wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Gift From Bucca

Bucca is Aaron's grandmother and she is one of the most wonderful people I know!  We were home last weekend and went to see Bucca's new apartment and she surprised us with the most wonderful gift!  Bucca is AMAZING at needlepoint and she made a beautiful one for Logan's room.  Aaron's sisters picked out the pattern, and grandma Kathie framed it!  It may not be the best picture with the glare, but you can see just how beautiful it is with the date and weight from his birth!

Here it is hanging in his room!  It looks perfect!