Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

So we decided that we wanted Logan to be a bear for Halloween because many times he sounds like a little bear! I looked everywhere for a costume with no luck! Thankfully my friend Andrea found a costume in a magazine that she gets for her kids! It was a 12-18 month and with the dimensions that it gave thought that it would work out. Once it got to the house we were a little afraid that it wasn't going to fit. It ended up that the lenth was good but the arms were way too long. So doing my first crafty mom project, yesterday I cut the arms and sewed a hem on them and then tore off the paws from the material that I cut off and re-attached them to the sleeves! (turned out better then I thought! Even though I knew he wouldn't put the paws on, we needed the effect!!!)

We headed to Northbranch to go trick or treating Logan's cousin's Julia and Hannah in their neighborhood on a trailer that was rigged up to be pretty warm! Logan wasn't to happy when we first put his costume on..part getting close to bed time and part not wanting to wear it!

Oh, Logan became the cute bear with a pacifer to calm this angry bear down!

Here he is taking pictures with his cousins getting ready for his first trick or treating! Don't they look so cute!

Logan was getting tired while we waited for everyone to get ready to get on the trailer, but we got a few pictures with mom and dad! Sorry you can't see half his face...his hat kept moving everywhere!

Here we go up to our first house!

And here we are after getting our candy! Sorry it was hard to keep up with the young kids who just wanted candy!!

we quickly hit one more house and then he feel asleep the rest of the time on my lap while we sat in the ice house on the trailer....must have been the motion and the hum of the tractor! LOL It was a great first halloween and we had a blast!!!