Monday, March 1, 2010

One more chance to brag

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend that I had to share!

So on Sunday, Logan was just so tired but continued to play in his crib until he literally fell over and asleep!
gotta love that big smile!

He is always crossing his feet! It's kinda funny! ha

He used to frown for the camera and get confused and now he is loving it with big smiles!

I'm in my baby T.V.

We were wanting to get out of the house and do something as a family, but in the winter we were having a hard time figuring out what we could do with Logan that a 9 month old would enjoy. Then we thought of the Underwater Adventure at the Mall of America. While we weren't thrilled of trying to brave the crowds on a weekend, we knew that Logan loves to look at the fish at Cabela's and looking at his "baby T.V." in his crib.

So we packed up the all the essentials and headed out to the MOA. While it took us WAY too long to find parking and to get to something to eat, we finally battled our way down to the lines for the Underwater Adventure. Logan got so tired that he fell asleep in the beginning before we even got to the water part!

While we were a little bummed that we had spent all the money to go, we knew that it had taken way to long to get to the actual activity and the poor kid needed to sleep. As Aaron and I continued to make our way through there was a loud scream of CHARK!

Some little boy way very excited to see a "Chark" and this excitment woke up Logan who looked and got the widest eyes that we have ever seen! We wondered if he thought he woke up in a baby dream and got into his "baby T. V." with all of his fishes!

Logan loved that the fish swam all over, especially when they went over his head!

Here is the the big turtle that we saw also, it was HUGE!

Despite the crazy crowds, we had a great family outing and thankfully because of the "CHARKS" everyone got to enjoy it!

Just for Fun

So I thought that I would add two of my favorite pictures of Logan from February. I can't believe how big he is getting! He is getting very close to crawling. He does a few steps on his knees and then drops and does the "army crawl". He has his two bottom teeth, and can now hold the bottle by himself and is working on drinking out of his sippy cup like a big boy! He has his 9 month appointment on Friday and we are excited to see just how big he has gotten....stay tuned!

1st Christmas and 1st Blizzard

So here are some updates as promised! So Logan had a very interesting 1st Christmas...he got to be in his first blizzard. While thankfully everyone was safe, it made for a much smaller family Christmas then had been planned. With all that snow though was the chance to use the sled that he got from grandma and grandpa Van Dyke!

Here is Logan getting pulled in the sled by his cousin Julia.

Logan looking like a little Gnome in his blue snowsuit.

Logan with his cousin Hannah and grandma Van Dyke

Playing with Auntie Britt and Elisha.

Logan and his Dad in his handsome Christmas duds. We still had to get him looking cute even though the crowd was small!