Monday, April 5, 2010

A Gift From Bucca

Bucca is Aaron's grandmother and she is one of the most wonderful people I know!  We were home last weekend and went to see Bucca's new apartment and she surprised us with the most wonderful gift!  Bucca is AMAZING at needlepoint and she made a beautiful one for Logan's room.  Aaron's sisters picked out the pattern, and grandma Kathie framed it!  It may not be the best picture with the glare, but you can see just how beautiful it is with the date and weight from his birth!

Here it is hanging in his room!  It looks perfect!


  1. LOL! He has a TV in his room? You stinker! :)
    Love the new wheels! WAY cooler than my new minivan I got last week! LOL!

  2. he does have a tv in his room! we never used it anymore! We used it all the time when he was a baby and we spent a lot of time in there. Now it needs to come out! LOL